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Again- Who and What is E-Oscar!

Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA), in cooperation with Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion, is proud to announce the creation of a new state-of-the-art solution for processing ACDVs and AUDs. The new network, E-OSCAR, is the Online Solution for Complete and Accurate Reporting. E-OSCAR is a browser-based, Metro 2 compliant system that is secure, intelligent and intuitive.

E-OSCAR provides multiple benefits, as detailed below. We have enhanced our technology to be a web-based system. It was created with the awareness of the need for strong security around the sensitive data that will be sent through the network. We have provided a toll free industry Help Desk and, in addition, we have significant training resources available to you.

We know that as a leader in the credit industry who is concerned about the FCRA and data quality, you will want to be involved in the initial offering of E-OSCAR. Participation in the new network will provide key customers like you with any necessary personalized attention that you need during your transition. E-OSCAR is fully compliant with the new FCRA and so easy to use that you will want to become part of this new system!

Please begin the steps necessary to move from the current network onto the new one.
Alert your senior management to the upcoming changes. View the information links below to learn more about E-OSCAR. Make Use of the Implementation Checklist to plan your conversion.

What’s happening with E-OSCAR-webTM April 23, 2003

Valued Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that the E-OSCAR-web? Solution is complete and available for use. The Credit Community Network Service (CCNS) supported by Global eXchange Services (GXS, formerly GEIS) will no longer receive new ACDV transactions after May 15, 2003. You will be able to respond to these items until June 15, 2003.

In an effort to assist you with your transition and to ensure that your company is not adversely affected, the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA), Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion have prepared these instructions for you.

If you do not register with E-OSCAR and begin to use this solution to respond to disputes and/or submit automated Universal Data Forms, the National Consumer Reporting Agencies (NCRAs) will send your disputes via paper. In order to ensure that you do not receive paper disputes, you must follow the steps below and register with E-OSCAR

Register immediately at (If you have already registered, follow steps 3 and on).

We recommend that you print a copy of the registration you’ve completed, as well as, write down and keep in a safe place, the USER ID and password that you’ve created during the registration process.

Once you have received approval notice from one or more of the NCRAs, you should begin the on-line training. If you plan on having multiple users, now is the time to create a USER ID for each of those parties and be sure that all of the users have completed the on-line training prior to receiving ACDVs from the NCRAs.

During the next few weeks, we will begin the final phase of moving the transaction volume of customers from the GXS System to E-OSCAR. We would like to begin getting your AUDs as soon as your registration is approved. We will coordinate with you on transmitting your ACDVs, but we recommend beginning as soon as possible and no later than May 1.

During the registration approval process some of the NCRAs will provide you with a list of the reporting subscriber codes they show affiliated with your particular GXS mailbox. If a bureau does not, you may print off your existing Subscriber Code Table from your current GXS ACDV Software PC at your location. You will need to enter these codes into E-OSCAR after the NCRAs approve your registration. This will assist you in receiving all of your disputes via E-OSCAR without delay.

You must contact each of the NCRAs that you report to and coordinate a date that you would like to begin receiving your ACDVs. As soon as your subscriber codes are approved you may submit AUDs.

Submit the necessary request form to Global eXchange Services to cancel any active mailboxes. Please copy the NCRAs on your request (Addresses are listed at the bottom of this letter).
Respond to all ACDVs remaining in your GXS ACDV Mailbox.

Delete all subscriber codes associated with the mailbox using the GXS PC-based software; this will disable Mortgage Reporting Companies as well as NCRA Affiliates from utilizing the system thus allowing GEIS to effectively close the mailbox.

Call the E-OSCAR Help-Desk if you have any questions. 1-866-MY-OSCAR.

Contact Information: CCNS Administration Global eXchange Services, (GXS) 100 Edison Park Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Help Desk (800) 892-1574 Fax- 301.340.4583

Equifax Credit Information Services Charles Saunders LaDeamya Mixon 1550 Peachtree St. Mail Drop 66N Atlanta, GA 30339 E-mail: Phone: 800-925-3329

Experian Patrick Sahf 701 Experian Parkway Allen, TX 75013. E-mail - Phone - 972-390-3610

TransUnion 2 Baldwin Place Crum Lynne, PA 19022 Fax - 610/546-4602 Tracy DeMarco Phone 610/546-4753 Email - Melissa Whayland Phone 610/546-4752 Email -

Innovis Data Solutions 950 Threadneedle, Suite 200 Houston, TX 77079-2900 Jose M Cruz Phone 281/504-2629 Email:

E-OSCAR Help Desk Phone 1-866-696-7227 (MY-OSCAR)

So the CRAs ARE E-Oscar. Interestingly, the Experian attorney Marc Carlson told me last week that I need to get info about reporting from E-Oscar. Nice try! I guess I’ll have to file another notice of deposition to get to an Experian person with a clue about E-Oscar. Experian has been extremely difficult and I need to file a motion to compel.

Experian ensures that people with 5+ year old charge-offs OFTEN have a credit score as if they had just defaulted in recent months. Their profits increase as the credit scores are lowered by their incorrect reporting. is where creditors log in. Submitting FACTUAL disputes sure doesn’t do the trick, so maybe that’s an alternative.

The PRIVATE domain registration:

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