Thursday, May 04, 2006

The New Way Lenders Will Size You Up

Just when you finally had FICO figured out, you're getting a brand new score

By Amanda Gengler

April 18, 2006 11:03 PM EDT

(MONEY Magazine) – So the Fed raised rates another quarter point in March. Ho hum. The far bigger news that may affect your future borrowing rates: the unveiling of a new rating system that will compete with the widely used FICO credit score. Developed jointly by the three major credit bureaus, VantageScore should reduce discrepancies between your scores at the agencies, they contend. But it's also likely to lead to confusion, since VantageScore ratings will range from 501 to 990 (a 901-plus score is an A; 801 to 900, a B; down to 501 to 600, an F) vs. 300 to 850 for the FICO scale. For example, a 720 FICO score could land you a 9% rate on a credit card; with VantageScore, 720 might give you a 20% rate, says Curtis Arnold of For more info on the new system, go to

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